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Do Electric Vehicles Really Make Sense for Security Patrol Services?

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Do Electric Vehicles Really Make Sense for Security Patrol Services?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. But are they a realistic, cost-effective vehicle option for security patrol services?

The Top 4 Challenges Corporate Security Teams Had to Overcome in 2020

Corporate security companies face very unique challenges from the rest of the industry. See what they are and how to mitigate them in this 4 part series.

The Basics of COVID-19 Employee Retention Credits for Security Employers

Learn how your security business might be able to get payroll tax credits that put money back into your business by keeping your employees on payroll.

Why Internal Communication is Vital to the Success of Your Security Business

Learn how effective internal communication with your security teams can not only increase clarity, but can also improve employee retention, productivity, and ...

How to Gain Sales with Security Company Prospecting Tools

Use these physical security sales prospecting tools to enable your sales team to drive more leads and win more security bids.

4 Access Control Policy Components Every Private Security Company Needs to ...

Learn the four basic components a private security company owner should consider when discussing access control policy with your client.

What Security Marketing Tools Are Actually Worth Using?

Security marketing doesn't have to be complicated. These 3 security marketing tools will help you win more contracts while saving you time and money in the ...

Women in Security - Weapon X Security, Mish Marie, CEO

Diversity in the physical security industry is a growing topic. Mish Marie of Weapon X Security talks with Thinkcurity about being a woman in security.

How Every Security Company Can Grow Through Adding New Services

One of the most effective ways for private security companies to grow is by adding new security services. See how you can effectively add services to your ...

How to Promote Diversity in Your Security Company

Implementing and promoting diversity in your security operation helps to progress the security industry and create an innovative business culture.

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