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How to Gain Sales with Security Company Prospecting Tools

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Mac Hess

Mac Hess

Mac Hess is the program manager and content strategist for Thinkcurity and Silvertrac Extra. She is passionate about expanding and promoting thought leadership through the physical security industry, hoping to provide operations of all sizes more opportunities to gain more knowledge and grow their organization. 

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How to Gain Sales with Security Company Prospecting Tools

Use these physical security sales prospecting tools to enable your sales team to drive more leads and win more security bids.

Women in Security - Weapon X Security, Mish Marie, CEO

Diversity in the physical security industry is a growing topic. Mish Marie of Weapon X Security talks with Thinkcurity about being a woman in security.

How to Promote Diversity in Your Security Company

Implementing and promoting diversity in your security operation helps to progress the security industry and create an innovative business culture.

Why Your Private Security Operation Needs Standard Operation Procedures (SoPs)

Efficiently running a private security company is easier said than done. Having the right standard operating procedures in place will help you better manage ...

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