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The Top Security Guard Training Topics for 2022

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The Top Security Guard Training Topics for 2022

From crisis intervention to de-escalation, security guard training is taking a turn in 2022. Is your training up to current industry standards?

Building A Steady Application Stream

Finding reliable employees can be difficult, but having a steady application stream can ensure you always have qualified candidates.

Get Security Guards into the Field Faster

Get security guards into the field faster with streamlined training and on-demand learning that cuts your days to hire time down.

De-escalating Security Situations in Healthcare

As hospitals are natural gathering points for family members and friends keeping vigil, it is there that the stress often reaches a boiling point. In response, ...

3 Ways Security Can Alleviate the Rise of Retail Theft

While many retail outlets are pushing further out to minimize the rush within stores, the threats of new theft tactics are on the rise.

The Rush to Hire in Security is Important, but the Rush to Train Needs to Take ...

The tragedy at Astroworld taught us many lessons in event security, including providing proper training and ensuring teams are well-prepared for anything.

Reducing Attrition During the Security Guard Hiring Process

Security guard HR spend a a lot of time screening, scheduling callbacks, interviewing, & more. What does it takes to keep the candidate pipeline full?

5 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Security Business

Tips to help draw clients to you. A security guard company owner like yourself probably dismissed that marketing 101 class from years past...

Improving the Customer Experience in Your Security Team

The way people perceive this first experience can often shape their perception of the company, the officer, and the security guard firm supporting it all.

Reputation Management for Security Companies: More than Just Marketing

Security guard companies focus on at least 5 key areas – growth, business stability, profitability, client retention, and quality of service.

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