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Brian Koehn

Brian Koehn

A sales and marketing expert, Brian has been hands-on in the direct exponential growth or turnaround of dozens of security companies around the world. Including his first business which he started at age 17 and sold at age 19 after 27 stores carried his products. Brian's passion for studying human behavior and neuroscience has led him to produce game-changing strategies for companies all over the world.

Recent Posts:

Improving the Average Security Contract Proposal

The Thinkcurity team recently presented the first live webinar with our partners at ClientPoint, a simple and easy to use enterprise security sales proposal platform. The Thinkcurity security training webinar series is Silvertrac’s newest thought leadership endeavor bringing together speaking partners & security experts to deliver business intelligence to the physical security industry.

Cognitive Bias in the Modern Security Sales Journey

We often think of cognitive biases as it relates to our personal lives, outside of the workplace. However, cognitive biases are alive and prevalent in the modern-day security buyer's journey. 

ClientPoint’s Modern Day Security Buyer Series

Modern-day business-to-business (B2B) buyer behaviors continue to evolve and change across industries of all sizes. Adjusting to modernized buyer needs can make or break a sale, especially in contract security. 77% of buyers nowadays don’t even want to talk directly to sales reps; prospects are far more informed and knowledgeable about services & products than they ever were before.

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