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Selling Guard Service to the Government - A License To Hunt

Government agencies have mandates for large businesses to subcontract a percentage of their contracts to qualified small businesses.

Maintaining Benefits Compliance

Maintaining benefits compliance for the physical security industry is especially difficult, and very costly if not done correctly. Check out our blog.

The Newest Wage Regulations You Need to Know

With the rise of inflation, physical security companies need to be abreast of the latest US wage regulations developments.

How to Secure Government Contracts and Maintain Compliance

Here are the steps and tips on how to position yourself secure government contracts!

High Growth: Why the Cannabis Industry Needs Top-Notch Security

The cannabis industry is growing, and we want to make sure you know all of the common security standards. Keep reading to expand your knowledge now!

Cannabis and Security: Growing Together

Keeping your Cannabis facility up to par on the state regulations, which is predominantly security related, is important for many reasons…

The Basics of COVID-19 Employee Retention Credits for Security Employers

Learn how your security business might be able to get payroll tax credits that put money back into your business by keeping your employees on payroll.

The Affordable Care Act: Understanding Its Impact on Your Security Business

There are expensive consequences to non-compliance under the Affordable Care Act that can cripple a business. Get informed on where you might be vulnerable to ...

4 Access Control Policy Components Every Private Security Company Needs to ...

Learn the four basic components a private security company owner should consider when discussing access control policy with your client.

Security Guard Training: The Top 8 Trends To Focus On In 2021

Training security guards is one of the best ways to invest in your employees and increase the value of your security services. See what the top security ...

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