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New Automation Technologies Changing Physical Security

Automation is the new frontier, and any physical security company not already investing in adding automation to their existing processes will be left behind as the industry moves forward. With labor costs rising, automation in certain functions can reduce the need for more staffing without sacrificing the human element. By simply introducing a few automations to your business processes, you can streamline the workloads of your current teams and resources. Let’s look at three automation areas from which your physical security organization can benefit.  

Workforce Management 

Automating workforce management can have a major impact on the efficiency of your organization. Using tools like Guard Tour Patrol softwares can help you automate your guard routes based on real-time streaming data. Additionally, create workflows with job-specific information, tasks, and reporting to keep your paperwork to a minimum.  

Additionally, a Security Operations system can help you automate incident reporting and data management. By putting in place their technology, you can save valuable time with incident reporting by using standardized reporting templates with incident categories, severity levels, incident types, and customized exports. By keeping everything all in one platform, these incident reports are automatically logged under client assets and sent to clients in real-time (if you’d like).  

Likewise, there are technologies that can help you automate supervisor alerts. You can set up certain parameters for your guard teams and receive customized advisor alerts if someone diverts from the original plan or scope of security. This ensures your clients’ needs are always met. Should a guard miss a checkpoint or have an overdue task, automated alerts can help them get back on track. 

Among others, these workforce management automations can save you a lot of time and money.  


Business Operations 

Running your business takes a lot of time and effort. There's always another task, always another project. Automating some of your key tasks (that often end up being the most important ones) can provide much needed relief.  

The first area of business operations automation physical security business owners should consider is their essential HR functions, like security staffing and payroll. Using a business administration product can provide automated scheduling with detailed data views for confirmation.  

Talent Management systems can help you automate your recruiting and hiring processes. With auto-rejections, you can set up a series of triggers that automatically reject candidates based on desired skills or experience.  

And, what’s better than automating your cash flow? All the systems mentioned above can help you automate your invoicing based on billable hours worked in guard schedules. Additionally, you can set up specific fee schedules to automatically populate on invoices depending on each client’s contract specifications.  

Marketing and Business Development 

Marketing is essential to a business’ success, but it’s often left to the last minute, with most companies only exploring marketing opportunities when it’s already too late and there’s not enough money to spend to do it right. Instead of waiting, automate your marketing efforts.  

Using a tool like Hootsuite can reduce the time it takes you to work on social media. By dedicating maybe 20 minutes a week, you can automate your social media posting throughout the week. And don’t overthink it. Your posts can be curated content pulled from other sources. For example, a simple “Motivation Monday” post with a motivational quote keeps your security firm top of mind for your followers.  

Automating your responses to website forms is also a major time saver, but most companies think they need systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. With Zapier and MailChimp, that’s easier and faster than ever. Write a few simple emails to follow up with people that fill out a form with interest in a specific service. For example, on your website, your form could have a field for “Services Interested In:” with a selection for “Event Security.” Draft a few emails about your event security services and load them into MailChimp. Using Zapier, connect the form on your website with your MailChimp account in their step-by-step processes to send emails over a period of three weeks to ensure you’re sending frequent communications.  

Automation is here to stay, and the sooner physical security companies adopt it, the better! Are you implementing any automation in your organization?  

Robby Coles
Robby Coles
Robby Coles is a born and raised Nashville, TN resident. He has been a marketing content writer for the past 14 years and has recently joined the Thinkcurity team as a Content Marketer. He enjoys writing compelling content that drives engagement. Robby is a wine enthusiast and dog dad that splits his time between Nashville, TN and Vienna, Austria.

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