Danielle Halperin
Creative Alchemist
Danielle, Halloween enthusiast and designer of all things, is our brand strategy and marketing expert. She executes strategic global integrated marketing programs resulting in increased demand generation and overall company revenue with tracked marketing contribution.
Janene Machado, CMP, DES
Thinkcurity Overlord
Janene, lover of all things history, is our most creative and versatile Events Producer with a passion for enhancing customer and client experiences. She is highly skilled in business events management, which pairs well with her wide-ranging experience as a digital event strategist.
Robby Coles
Do Gooder at Writing Person
As a child, Robby wanted to be a doctor that writes and teaches poetry. So naturally, he is the crafter of our incredible marketing content.He also doctors our HubSpot software to ensure it operates smoothly, all the while sending pictures of his dog, Theo, to the team and splitting his time between TN and Vienna, Austria
Pen Fidgeter

Christina makes workforce management software for physical security companies sound appealing while keeping up with our social media accounts. She has over 9 years of experience in content marketing, graphic design, and communications.

James Sarris
Factotum Unicorn
James, AKA Jack of all trades,  is our behind-the-scenes Digital Marketing Magician who strategizes, monitors, and optimizes our marketing initiatives to increase lead generation. He also professionally produces music along with some additional marketing projects in the music industry.

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