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4 Essential Technologies to Improve Your Physical Security Business

Running a physical security business is hard enough without having to worry about being up to date with all the latest technology. Still, it is vital to stay up to date with all the latest physical security tech to make running your business easier. Whether it is workforce management systems, operational programs, or just keeping your teams up to date and compliant with the latest government regulations, technology can make your life easier.



We love learning at Thinkcurity, so a technology dedicated specifically to the education of security officers and guards definitely makes it on our list! Defencify is a learning management system that provides learning opportunities through their pre-recorded training courses, but also allows you to upload and create your own classes. How can this help your physical security company?

  1. Improve guard retention through educational opportunities to earn more certifications and grow within your organization
  2. Maintain state and federal compliance by automating certification timelines and reminders. Keep your guards’ certifications up to date and roll out federally required training like harassment training and other mandated courses without having to pull everyone out of the field for a day
  3. Build stronger teams with courses that help with communication techniques, operational advancements, and other

Trackforce Valiant

Trackforce Valiant is a workforce management platform specializing in security. With Trackforce Valiant, you can track your security team in real-time, manage their billing and payroll, and communicate with them effectively.

Most businesses have clunky processes when it comes to managing their security workforce. This often results in miscommunication, inaccurate salaries, and costly demands from your workforce.

Trackforce Valiant streamlines your security workforce management by offering a centralized platform where you can:

  1. Create a workforce schedule.
  2. Set up tours.
  3. Manage payrolls.
  4. Manage employees.

And you can do all these things in one integrated system. Additionally, you are assured that this centralized solution is compliant with security regulations since it is crafted with compliance in mind.

If you employ an hourly workforce, Trackforce Valiant is perfect for your business since you can efficiently distribute hours and operations using this platform no matter how complex it gets.

Trackforce Valiant also offers the following solutions for your business:

  1. Human Resource Management: You can manage your employees from the moment you hire them until they retire. You can track applications, licenses, and even certifications and qualifications. You can ensure that you have a quality security workforce with Trackforce Valiant.
  2. Time and Labor Management: Trackforce valiant will help you with scheduling, shifting, attendance tracking, and more through its dashboard.
  3. Guard Tour Management: You can manage your guards through Trackforce Valiant. Additionally, this platform lets you view incident reports, dispatch, and issue post orders.
  4. Payroll Management: You can track your new hires, send payments, and pay time-off through Trackforce Valiant.
  5. Command Center and Analytics Dashboard: You can monitor all aspects of your physical security through this dashboard, including visitor management, parking, and assets.

Trackforce Valiant is used by many businesses for their physical security, including Blackstone Consulting and Allied Universal.



Silvertrac is another physical security tool to enhance your security management. Like Trackforce Valiant, Silvertrac offers robust security features, including:

  1. Dispatch and Tasks
  2. Generating Reports and Data
  3. Incident Reporting
  4. Officer Tours and Checkpoints

What’s excellent about Silvertrac is that it has dedicated customer service, making it easier for businesses to solve their tech issues. Silvertrac dedicates customer success managers for your business so you can get the most out of Silvertrac and implement it extensively as a physical security platform.

Furthermore, Silvertrac can be integrated with Trackforce Valiant, which is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses looking to improve their physical security technologies.


The last tool in your must-have physical security technologies is TrackTik. Like the previous tools, TrackTik is designed to enhance and optimize your security workforce.

TrackTik is perfect for your security firms and businesses looking for easy-to-use and intuitive physical security software. In fact, what we like about TrackTik the most is their impressive presentation of data TrackTik which is easy to look at.

Their solutions include:

  1. Security Operations: You can communicate with your workforce in real-time and provide insightful, actionable data to your clients.
  2. Mobile Services: You can schedule and manage patrol routes through TrackTik.
  3. Administrative Functions: From scheduling, payroll, and billing, TrackTik can do it for you.
  4. Insights and Analytics: As we said, TrackTik presents data and information in an accessible manner. Its dashboard will help you make better-informed decisions. Furthermore, you can customize the TrackTik dashboard to suit your physical security needs.

It’s worth noting that TrackTik was acquired by Trackfroce Valiant recently, so most of its features will be integrated with Trakforce Valiant’s security management solution.

Enhance Your Physical Security With Thinkcurity

Want more tips on enhancing your company’s physical security solutions? Follow us, and we’ll help you on that journey. We also have other resources you can use to improve your physical security.



Thinkcurity Articles
Thinkcurity Articles
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