Security buyers aren't settling for the average guard company any longer.

Join ClientPoint Software & Brian Koehn to learn how security companies are adapting their sales process for the modern security service buyer. Plus, learn 3 powerful sales secrets used by ClientPoint to help Securitas Security grow its sales by 25% in one year.

What You'll Learn:

  • How Security Contract Bidding has Changed
  • How to Handle Prospects Who Go Dark & Win the Contract
  • How to Beat Your Competitors with your Proposals Alone

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Brian Koehn

VP Sales & Marketing | ClientPoint Software

A sales & marketing expert, Brian has been hands-on in the direct exponential growth or turnaround of dozens of security companies. Brian's passion for studying human behavior and neuroscience has led him to produce game-changing sales & proposal strategies for companies all over the world.

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