What’s Growing in the
Cannabis Industry

The Expanding Need for Physical Security

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry that a lot of people don’t yet know how to navigate. As legalization is continuing to advance across North America, it’s more than likely you’ll have the opportunity to provide physical security services to a cannabis facility sometime in the near future, whether it be storefront locations or grow houses.

Working with a cannabis supplier can be very different from other facilities you’ve provided services to, for many reasons. Michael Healea of SecOne Security Partners will cover the pros and cons of providing services for the cannabis industry, as well as important guidelines and compliance tips and tricks, and more.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Pros and cons of providing security services to cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities 
  • Cannabis compliance, regulation, and insider tips 
  • Lessons learned from the field


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Michael Healea

Owner & CEO, SecOne Security Group & Integrity Global Security

Michael has provided personal protection for over 25 celebrities and several foreign dignitaries with 35 years of experience in owning security companies in California and Nevada.

He brings decades of experience to his current role as the CEO of two successful security companies that provide Security Officer Training, Cannabis Compliance and Security Management, High-Level Personal Protection, and Advanced Security Services.

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