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Internal Communication 101: Best Practices for Security Teams



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Security technology integration is exciting. Things like touchless access control, temperature-sensitive video surveillance, and drone patrols are making headlines every day, and they are undoubtedly on the rise in terms of popularity.

The Top 4 Challenges Corporate Security Teams Had to Overcome in 2020

2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging times the world has been through. Like all other businesses in 2020, the physical security industry had its ups and downs too. Overall, two sectors of physical security - traditional security firms and corporate security teams - each had their fair share of challenges. 

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The COVID-19 Employee Retention Tax Credit (COVID ERC) is one of the many government programs that has been implemented to provide relief to both individuals and businesses in order to ensure that the economy is able to thrive amidst the hardships caused by the pandemic. For many small businesses, this relief means the difference between staying afloat or closing their doors.