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The Physical Security Outlook

Where Will Manned Guarding Go from Here?


What is the future of manned guarding?

Amidst the chaos of the past 18-20 months, the physical security industry devised clever ways to continue to operate. Now, as businesses reopen, security guard firms are working to get back to the same level of operations they had before the pandemic. The question is - will billable hours be back to the same levels they were before?

In this report, our team surveyed security professionals from all over the United States. Our main objective? To find out whether the industry will be able to bounce back.

What's in this report
  • Insights from various Security Professionals
  • How Employment Impacted Physical Security
  • The Measurement Used to Assess Market Conditions for Billable Hours
  • How Reduced On-Site Resources Impacted Physical Security Operations
  • Technology’s Role in Managing People, Process, and Technology
  • What the Future Holds for Physical Security

How industries will return and at what level is perhaps the challenge of the year for the security industry. Will there be a need for more security officers? What will happen if security companies can’t hire back at original levels? Download your copy of the report today to learn more.

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