The Importance of the Customer Experience in Security 

Deliver a lasting customer experience for your clients through your security services. 

In most situations, your security officers are the first individuals people see in a building, event, or facility. Guard firms that spend time on improving their customer experiences will see their bottom line grow as they drive positive engagements that will turn clients to loyal references for new clients.  

Great customer experiences can bring many benefits to a security guard firm but is often not a top priority when training the team. In this interactive roundtable discussion, our speakers will talk about how more and more security guard firms are shifting their focus on ways they can improve their customer service programs and the resulting professional and financial benefits it can bring along. Having a solid customer experience program for your security services can ultimately be the key to winning business, maintaining relationships with your clients, and establishing a sense of pride in your officers.   

What you’ll learn:   

  • How to embrace the customer experience to build relationships, increase satisfaction, loyalty, and sales  
  • Ways to put customer experience at the heart of business growth  
  • Practical strategies to keep your organization focused on customer experience priorities 
  • How customer-centric officer training can actually lead to higher retention rates and improved recruitment of new talent 

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Carlos Francisco, CPP, CST

Global Security Leader I Author I Podcaster

As an accomplished operations and security customer-centric executive, Carlos Francisco is a strategic security leader with over 24+ years of experience leading teams toward operational success.  

After a distinguished 21-year Disney career, followed by 6 years in Cedar Fair Entertainment, Amazon, and the largest social media company in the world, Carlos founded Corporate Magic Keys®, a customer-centric leadership platform dedicated to training security teams for the next wave of security services.  

Carlos holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a Security Leadership certificate from the University of Central Florida and a Masters' in Disaster & Emergency Management from American Military University.  

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