Team Member Education and Security Culture

Cultivating a Security-Conscious Learning Program

Discover the pivotal role security training can play in fostering a security-conscious culture within your organization.

Thinkcurity collaborated with Corporate Security University (CSU) in presenting part 2 of a three-part series. Drawing from their extensive expertise and experiences, our esteemed speakers will guide you through cultivating a security-conscious learning program and culture for your team in this on-demand webinar session.

Here are the key takeaways from this session:
Security Training Enhances the Guest and Partner Experience: Effective security training for team members isn't just about compliance; it directly translates into a better experience for guests and partners. When team members are well-prepared to handle security concerns, both safety and trust are fostered.

The Power of a Security-Conscious Culture: Building a security-conscious work environment has far-reaching benefits. It safeguards your organization and positively impacts team members, partners, and guests. A culture that prioritizes security promotes vigilance and responsibility at all levels.

Involving Team Members in Security Initiatives: Team members are often on the front lines of security incidents. Engaging them in security initiatives empowers them to contribute to enhanced security measures. Their firsthand insights can lead to proactive strategies that benefit guests and partners alike.

Feedback as a Catalyst for Security Policy Improvement: Team members, guests, and partners all play a crucial role in shaping security policies. Their feedback is instrumental in refining existing policies and procedures, making them more effective and adaptable to emerging threats. It's a collaborative effort to mitigate risks effectively.

Watch the on-demand session now and take the first step towards a more secure and trusted future.

Recording available on December 5, 2023

Duration: 30 min

How to Access:

This on-demand session is available 24/7, allowing you to access it conveniently. Register and gain immediate access to the webinar to gain valuable insights into creating a security-conscious learning program and culture that enhances your organization's defenses and elevates the overall experience for everyone involved.

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Carlos Francisco, CPP

Corporate Security University

Carlos is an accomplished security customer-centric executive. He is an expert in building world-class customer-centric security experiences by providing the strategic direction necessary to create memorable outcomes. Carlos has a record of leadership success as a Disney World leadership team member and a Tech Global Security Leader. Under his leadership, security teams surprised and delighted millions of guests and employees worldwide. In the last 25 years, Carlos Francisco, CPP, has led the security teams of some of the largest corporations in the world. This includes Walt Disney World, Amazon, and Meta (Facebook). He also has had the tremendous responsibility of leading security teams during major international events such as Super Bowl 50, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, World-Class Marathons, and many more. Carlos was a prior Deputy Sheriff and holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a Security Leadership certificate from the University of Central Florida, and a Master's in Disaster & Emergency Management from American Military University. Carlos is an accomplished security operations executive, a podcaster, and an Amazon #1 Release, "So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security?" with proven leadership in driving corporate security programs. Carlos created the moniker, "The Corporate Security Translator," which he uses to go out into the world and share his security knowledge. 

Scot Walker, PCI

Corporate Security University

Scot Walker, PCI, is a 20-year military veteran and former Federal Agent, after transitioning to the private sector he worked for iconic Silicon Valley tech companies NVIDIA and Facebook before becoming the director of investigations and protective intelligence for an international manufacturing company and cofounder of Corporate Security University, which provides online training and certification for security professionalsScot is also a consultant for INTERPOL’s Synthetic Media Expert Group and co-founder of the Private Investigations firm Walker & Associates LLC. 

About our Partner:

Corporate Security University (CSU) is a respected institution renowned for its commitment to enhancing security expertise through education. CSU specializes in comprehensive security education and certifications, serving corporate security professionals, teams, and organizations. With a research-oriented approach, CSU facilitates deep exploration of security concepts, guided by a team of experienced educators. What sets it apart is a personalized approach, adapting teaching methods to individual needs. The curriculum, spanning seminars, in-person training, hands-on workshops, and e-learning, offers flexibility for diverse learning preferences. Corporate Security University's mission is clear: to empower security professionals with knowledge and skills for excellence in the field and a safer corporate environment.

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