Selling on Target

How to Focus Your Audience to Win More Security Contracts

The cost to close a lead is skyrocketing in the Physical Security Industry, so it's time to work smarter, not harder. 71% of sales professionals say their top priority is closing more deals. Most cast a wide net and end up with lower-than-average closing rates and decreased sales productivity. Rather than trying to sell to just anyone, wouldn't it make more sense to target specific audiences that fit within your service offering? 

Thinkcurity is proud to team up with Jacqui Didieu, Chief Strategist at The Virtual Matrix, for a webinar event you cannot afford to miss. With over 20 years of experience in the Physical Security Industry, Jacqui will share critical knowledge of segmenting your marketing and sales strategy into target audiences. 

What you'll learn: 

  • How to define your target audience and increase your ROI
  • How effectively segmenting your customer base can increase sales
  • How targeted marketing and customer segmentation will significantly decrease the cost of acquisition and increase your sales
  • How failing to effectively target your market is negatively impacting your operations and your bottom line 

Learn more about your target audience and close more deals in our webinar on-demand.

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Jacqui Didieu

Chief Strategist, The Virtual Matrix

Jacqui Didieu is a highly experienced security professional who has worked in the law enforcement and private security industries in the US and internationally for many years. She has an award-winning record as a business turnaround specialist in the security industry along with a proven track record providing physical security and security consulting to global, international, multinational, listed, and private companies. 

Jacqui has served on several boards, including ASIS, the DC Police Foundation, and the CEO Roundtable to name a few. She has also received recognition and awards on separate occasions from the President of Tanzania, the Vice President of Tanzania, and the First Lady of Tanzania for her contributions to the development of the security industry as well as her community engagement. 

Jacqui is laser-focused on helping forward-thinking security companies succeed in a very competitive industry. She works with them to identify their niche and establish themselves as an authority in that niche, along with establishing and growing their online presence which ultimately leads to sustainable revenue growth. 

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