More than 15 million incidents of workplace and school violence occur every year.

As a security service provider, your guards will likely play a role in preventing violence from occurring on one of your properties eventually. If your guards and supervisors aren’t trained to recognize and respond to these incidents appropriately, it can cost you multiple millions of dollars in lost business, insurance premiums, and lawsuits.

The first step to workplace and school violence prevention is awareness and recognition. Training security teams to understand the who, what, when, why and how of workplace violence will go a long way towards preventing incidents from ever happening in the first place. Join us for part one of our workplace violence training series to learn the basics of recognizing common warning signs of workplace violence and how to identify perpetrators before they become a problem.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What can be considered workplace violence and where it occurs
  • Understanding the profile of the average perpetrator of workplace violence
  • The attitudes that foster violence in the workplace

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Robert Sollars

Sollars Violence Prevention Training & Consulting

Robert D. Sollars has been involved in the security field for nearly 40 years, with several national & local companies in the Kansas City area, and workplace/school violence prevention since 1988. He has participated in more than 4 dozen incidents as an officer, manager, & consultant, some violent & others not, more than a dozen personally directed at him. He went blind in 2003 after moving to the Phoenix area, but has continued in the best tradition of a security professional, using all of his skills, experience, & knowledge giving presentations and writing three books since 2014 on those subjects, all available on Amazon, with the most recent being 2020 with “Murder at Work: A Practical Guide for Prevention”.

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