Security Professional Onboarding Checklist

Make sure your security teams are properly onboarded!

What's inside:
  • How to assess qualifications and training

  • Documenting certain company processes

  • Assessing onboarding procedures

  • Conducting 90 day reviews

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Free Security Professionals Onboarding Checklist

One of the most overlooked processes in human resources is onboarding. While it's true that HR has methods to introduce new hires to any company, acclimation can be glossed over. This leads to qualified employees not feeling competent in their new roles or work environment. 

This is where business owners come in. To seamlessly integrate your new security professionals into your organization, you need an onboarding process that goes beyond employee orientations. Your onboarding needs to be as procedural and as systematic as you expect your new security professional to be. There's no better way to make sure that you never forget something important than with an onboarding checklist. 

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