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Silvertrac Lite

This week, we are covering Silvertrac Lite, a mobile guard reporting app that is leaving the pen and paper behind! Curtis Sarnecki, Account Executive at Silvertrac, gives a detailed interview and overview of this system in the video below! 




Silvertrac Lite is a mobile reporting app that can help keep all of your security activities in one spot for easy access. Allowing companies to try the Lite version enables them to try it out and see how it works before paying anything out of pocket. This way, they can see first hand how the software helps them to build up their client base. 

Key features of Lite: 

  • Daily activity reports: Get daily reports that cover each day's activities. 
  • Digital Guard Tours: Keeps guards on track and updated as needs change throughout their shift. 
  • Security Incident Reporting: Accurate, live updates sent from the field. Notifications are sent directly to the personnel that needs to see it. 
  • GPS Tracking: View the history of all shifts/posts, guard tours, and incidents. 

Key Features of SilverTrac Pro: 

     Everything included in Lite, plus: 

  • Branded reports with your company logo 
  • Automated reporting and alerts 
  • Parking management 
  • Live officer GPS mapping 
  • Unlimited 1:1 training calls w/ your dedicated account manager 

Of course, there are more features that come with Silvertrac, so we recommend scheduling a demonstration to see the full power of the system. A top-rated security guard management solution designed to set you apart from the competition! Are you ready to explore Silvertrac? 

ST Demo

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