How Can Guard Companies Remain Industry Leaders?


Advanced video surveillance technology, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and virtual guarding is becoming the norm for companies in ultra-competitive markets.

We've partnered with Brad Feldman & ROG Security, a leader in cloud-based artificial intelligence for security professionals, to give you the insight you need before adding any type of video surveillance to your security service offerings. Plus a live demo of ROG's Neural Network that can turn nearly any surveillance camera system into a real-time threat analysis system.

Additionally, see how Andrew Esseff & Cobalt Security Services use ROG & Silvertrac Software together to improve their security guard services, reduce operating costs and secure more profitable contracts in the highly competitive markets of Southern California.

What You'll Learn:

  • How Advanced Technology Can Increase Your Security Business by 10X!
  • How Security Companies Can Get Started with Video Surveillance.
  • Live Demo of ROG's Video Intelligence System.

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Meet Our Speakers

Brad Feldman

CEO & Founder | ROG Security, Inc.

Brad is the CEO & founder of ROG Security, Inc, a video, Artifical Intelligence and powerful cloud computing company built to enhance the process and economics of protecting people. As a serial entrepreneur with an interest in technology, Brad has focused his career on exploiting emerging technologies such as machine learning & linguistical analysis.

Andrew Esseff

CEO & Founder | Cobalt Security, Inc.

Andrew is the founder & CEO of Cobalt Security Inc, specializing in security for housing communities (HOA’s & apartment complexes). Andrew’s has an extensive background in the United States Army where he served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. Along with running the day to day operations of Cobalt Security Andrew continues to serve his country through his work in the Army Reserves, serving in the intelligence community of United States Central Command (CENTCOM).

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