Positioning Yourself to Win Government Contracts

How to Tap into GovCon Revenue Streams

Winning a government contract should be at the top of your list of new revenue streams. But the application processes, bidding, and staying compliant after being awarded a contract can be an incredibly daunting experience. Still, Government contracts can be an extremely lucrative and long-lasting revenue stream.

Thinkcurity has teamed up with Lisa Dolan, CPP, Government Contracting Consultant, and Joseph Napolitano, Senior Vice President, FBA National, a Risk Strategies Company, to demystify the process of bidding on and winning government contracts.

What you’ll learn:

  • What government contracts are, and why you need them
  • The process for bidding on government contracts
  • What a security company needs to work for the government
  • How to outbid other security companies to win contracts
  • Crucial compliance standards when working for the government

Watch now to learn how to unlock lucrative government security contract opportunities!


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Lisa Dolan, CPP

Government Contracting Consultant

Lisa Dolan was President of People’s Accident Information Service, Inc., d/b/a Securit®, a licensed private investigations firm that is licensed in NY and Florida. Securit was previously licensed and operated in the following states:  NJ, CT, PA, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. Securit was 8a certified, WOSB and WBE certified with SBA, NYC, NYS, and WBENC. Securit was a GSA Schedules Holder.   

Lisa retired in July 2021 and lives in Savannah GA. Her daughter Brooke is now the majority owner and operator of Securit. Lisa consults with firms interested in breaking into government contracting, women-owned businesses, and mentors veterans seeking to enter into the security industry. 

Lisa has received numerous accolades including the Women In Security Chair for ASIS, 2013 Karen Marquez Honors; ASIS President’s Award of Merit 2014, Smart CEO’s Brava Award, 2010 Top Business Woman of the Year, Queens Courier & Business Today, 2009 INC 500; 2008 Enterprising Woman of the Year; 2007 Fast Five Award presented by Women Impacting Public Policy in Washington D.C., September 2007. 

Joseph Napolitano

Senior Vice President, FBA National, a Risk Strategies Company

For Over 30 years Joe Napolitano has partnered with organizations to establish effective Fringe Benefit Programs. He has worked with Government Contractors, Public Entities, Collective Bargaining, and Compliance Conscience Companies. FBA National’s core competencies are Fringe Benefit Administration, ACA Compliance Solutions, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, and Employee Benefit Administration Platforms.  

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