With the “new normal” becoming a reality for most of the world, the security industry is rapidly adapting and making changes to daily operations.

In this roundtable discussion, we brought in executives & owners from top security guard firms to give insight into how they changed their operation during the pandemic and what they are doing to set up for the future months.

What You'll Learn:

  • Key Operational Adaptations to Make for the Future
  • What the Next 6-12 Months Look Like for Security Operations
  • What Impact Recent Months Has Had on Landing New Contracts
  • What Impact Technology Will Play In Your Services
  • How Hiring, Training & Mitigating Turnover Will Change

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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Chris Hansen

COO | St. Moritz Security Services

Chris brings over four decades  of security leadership experience to his role as Chief Operating Officer for St. Moritz Security Services. In this senior executive position he oversees the administrative and operational functions of the company. Chris executes the company’s business plans and facilitates growth by providing leadership to achieving planned objectives.

Scott McDonald

President | Camden Security Services

Scott is the leading authority on asset protection and prevention for physical security businesses. With over 30 years of experience, Scott has provided security professionals with high-level insights on security policies and procedures. He previously served for the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) as a governor-appointed member and Chairperson. Scott currently provides security consulting and risk assessment for various types of security clientele as the president of Camden Security Services, Inc.

Jeff DiDomenico

VP Business Development | Trackforce Valiant

Jeff joined Trackforce Valiant in 2000 as a partner & VP of sales & marketing after successfully selling a nationally recognized computer supplies company that he co-founded to OfficeMax. In the following 19 years, Jeff has helped Valiant become the leading provider of security management software in North America. Other accomplishments include the Valiant Partner Marketplace, the Security Executive Roadshow, and various client events. Jeff is a frequent participant and speaker at security associations thought leader and content curator.

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