Harness the Power of Education in the Security Sector

How Incorporating a Learning System Can Foster Career Growth

In a recent study, 74% of workers revealed they are willing to learn new skills or retrain in order to remain employable. With the world of Physical Security always changing, the only option to keep guards in the field and operational teams functional is to constantly be training and developing new skills and abilities.

With this in mind, Thinkcurity is proud to partner with Matt Gilley, Co-Founder, and Partner at Intellum, a Learning Management Software company, and Jeff DiDomenico, VP of Business Development at Trackforce Valliant, to show you how you can implement a training system to keep your company growing with the times and provide new opportunities for your team.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Strategies to implement a Learning Management System (LMS) in your organization
  • How to maintain a cost-effective training program
  • Top training strategies used for hourly employees
Learn how to reduce the high price of recruiting and lower turnover with this informative webinar.

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Jeff DiDomenico

VP Business Development & Strategy, Trackforce Valiant

Jeff joined Trackforce Valiant in 2000 as a partner and VP of Sales & Marketing. Previously, he owned a successful computer supply company that he later sold to OfficeMax. Since joining Trackforce Valiant, Jeff has worked to make the company the leading provider of security management software in North America.

Additionally, Jeff has been instrumental in the advancement of the Valiant Partner Marketplace, the Security Executive Roadshow, and various client events. Jeff is also a frequent speaker at various security associations and is a security industry thought leader and content curator. 

Matt Gilley

Co-Founder & Partner, Intellum

Matt Gilley, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is the Co-Founder and Partner at Intellum. The Intellum Platform is designed from the ground up to empower companies to create, present, manage, track, and improve the kind of experiences that engage and educate their audiences. 

For 20+ years, Matt has been a disrupter and innovator, rethinking how people learn and collaborate. Matt, along with the Intellum team, helps security companies increase revenue and decrease support costs through education. 

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