The physical security industry is stuck.

A large portion of security guarding companies has put their attention in the wrong place. Tactical uniforms, beefed-up patrol cars, and a focus on fortification have prevented these companies from seeing the growth that they want.

In this discussion, Chuck Harold - who has decades of experience working with security companies of all shapes and sizes - will discuss where security companies should focus their energy if they want to see success in the upcoming years.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why knowing how to deal with people is one of the most valuable skills in the industry
  • The importance of investing in your security guards as active security professionals, not just a body in a uniform
  • How the security technology you already have is being underutilized and how to make the most of it
  • What the past problems of the physical security industry can tell us about the future

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Chuck Harold

Host, Security Guy Radio & ASIS Security Management Highlights Podcast

Chuck worked in law enforcement for the San Gabriel, Culver City, and UCLA Police Departments for 13 years. As a police officer, Chuck worked on a variety of field assignments that contributed to his deep knowledge and understanding of protective services. Since retiring from law enforcement in 1996, Chuck has worked in a variety of roles in the physical security industry - from senior manager of security roles at major corporations like 21st Century Fox and Disney to operations and consulting roles at medium and large-sized contract security firms.

In 2014 Chuck started producing - a radio show about security. He has since grown his audience to over 100,00 followers in over 97 countries. To date, Chuck has produced over 2,000 podcasts and videos with security experts from around the world for shows like ASIS/GSX, Black Hat USA, ISC West, Secure World, Hacker Halted, OpenText, and more.

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