Times of uncertainty can bring about a lot of questions...

With so much noise out there regarding COVID-19, it's getting harder to find the information most pertinent to you: physical security professionals.

Our free COVID-19 Response Question & Answer Security Panel brings together 4 experts who are closely following how the contract security guarding industry is being impacted to explore strategies you can use to continue daily operations effectively.

Our experts cover important timely topics & answer questions directly regarding:

  • Compliance & Regulation Updates
  • Trends in Day to Day Operations
  • Best Practices for Officer Safety
  • How to Deal with Slower Business

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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Chris Anderson

Founder | Silvertrac Software

Chris Anderson is an expert consultant to the security and property management industries with a unique, 25+ year background in law enforcement, physical security, and security management software leadership roles. Chris started out with the LA. County Sheriff's Department and the LA. County District Attorney's office in 1987. In 2004, Chris founded Silvertrac Software to bring better reporting practices and parking management to the security industry.

Tim Lozier

Director of Product Strategy | Trackforce Valiant

Tim Lozier is the Director of Product Strategy at Trackforce Valiant. Tim is responsible for managing the direction and best practices for Trackforce Valiant’s workforce management solution, including compliance initiatives to help clients operate smarter. With over 20 years of experience in product management and marketing, Tim has extensive knowledge in software, product experience, and industry best practices in compliance and regulatory initiatives.

Dan Vincent

CEO | Superior Protection Services

Dan Vicent is the CEO of Superior Protective Services, which has operations based in CA, AZ, and NV. Dan has been the acting CEO for over 2 decades. Prior to his role with Superior Protection Services, he was in law enforcement for 10 years. Dan’s expertise includes executive protection, residential security, parking management, industrial facility security, aviation security, security logistics, and security education.

Wade Holland

Owner, Chief of Security | Red Oak Security

Wade Holland is the Chief of Security and Founder of Red Oak Security, based in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Red Oak Security provides uniformed Security Officers for various standing posts and events throughout the central coast as well as an ongoing overnight security patrol service.  Prior to starting Red Oak, Wade had worked in security for Caesar’s Entertainment in Las Vegas, as a correctional officer assigned to segregation and death row in northeastern Colorado, and as a Police Officer in a small California town.  He has an associate’s degree in criminal justice and studied Global Terrorism and Security Issues at Eastern Kentucky University.

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