Having a strong supervisor team is critical for success in the private security industry.

But getting the right people into supervisor roles is easier said than done. Steve Donofrio will be expanding on his last supervisor webinar by showing the practical steps security companies can take to develop training programs to develop strong supervisors from within your own organization.

Plus, you will get a copy of Steve's free Supervisor Training Blueprint to help you better define the ideal supervisor in your organization.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for writing job descriptions to recruit the kind of employees you need
  • How to create promotion plans and objectives for supervisor positions
  • The importance for supervisors to develop emotional intelligence and other leadership soft skills
  • How to effectively recruit and select top-tier security supervisors

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Steve Donofrio

Security Thought Leader | Motivational Speaker | Boost Confidence Now

Steve is about boosting confidence, building leaders, and bettering lives by serving people, and teaching others how to do the same. He is a former noncommissioned officer (NCO) in the US Army with deployments to Iraq and Kuwait for the first Gulf war as well as other real-world missions. Steve has a Masters's degree in Security Management, is the lead author of the book Mama Manual and former contributing writer for Japan's leading professional security journal, Security Research Magazine. As a subject matter expert, he has been on local, regional, and national media platforms in Japan and Nigeria.  Steve utilizes his 20 years of international speaking and training to guide organizations, teams, and individuals in building cultures and leaders that bring people together to get things done.

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