As a security operation owner/operator, not only do you need your security guards to keep up-to-date on security regulations...

You also need them to maintain good best practices when covering a shift and conducting guard tours. This can be challenging to maintain, as in-person guard training can be hard to find or expensive. Not to mention it takes time away from your daily operations.

But guess, what? That’s just not true. Continued training is very important to the success of your security operation, and even better online guard training tools can help to make security training easier and more efficient.

Join Russ Willmon, CEO of Defencify Training, as he discusses misperceptions about online security guard training and provides insight into the benefits online guard training can provide to your security operation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Myths about online training being ineffective, lower quality, and easily cheatable
  • How online training is flexible and consistent in order to maximize progress
  • How supervisors can utilize online training to track the progress of their guards
  • The scalability and sustainability of using an online training program

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Russ Willmon

CEO, Defencify Training

Russ is a 15-year, guarding alumni who creates and delivers high-quality online guarding courses for state licensing and training on-demand. Guard companies love working with him. He understands first-hand their pain points, and they appreciate his solutions-based approach to training which is not one size fits all. Security schools love working with Russ because he uses today’s tech to help expand their reach and bring them into the 21st century. Licensing agencies lean on Russ’ experience and know-how to modernize and improve state training mandates.

Russ has an economics degree from UC Santa Cruz and he is board certified through ASIS. He previously served as chair for ASIS, Utah Chapter, and he served as chairman of Utah’s security licensing board. He is the CEO and founder of Defencify Training which offers guard companies a “brandable” LMS, custom course development, and an extensive library of interactive online courses created specifically for front-line security staff.

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