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5 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Security Business

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5 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Security Business

A security guard company owner like yourself probably dismissed that marketing 101 class from years past. However, if your security guard firm is like most other small and medium operations in the industry, then you’ve probably already faced issues that traditional marketing methods can’t solve. Running expensive ads or trying to warm up cold contacts through traditional marketing and sales efforts can typically yield limited results. 

Marketing to grow business in retail and corporate environments doesn’t have to be hard. You just need marketing tactics fit for physical security operations. Instead of doing it the hard way, we’ll list a few cost-efficient, yet effective, marketing tactics tailored to raise awareness for your business both online and in your community. 

Get a Website. If you have one, Tune it up. 

Websites are the norm when it comes to establishing an online presence. If you don’t already have one, get one ASAP. Establishing a strong web presence is critical to your company’s reputation as it’s the place where your prospects will research about your company. 

Your website should answer four questions:  

  • What services and products do you provide? (live guards, patrol services, remote monitoring and surveillance, etc.). 
  • Where do you provide them? (cities and states, commercial or residential, etc.). 
  • What makes you different? (this one is big…explain what you do better than anyone else).  
  • What do you want the prospect to do next? Give them a call to action 

A call to action, or “CTA” is a fancy way of saying “here’s what you should do now”. A good call to action for physical security can be an offer, like a free security assessment or a way for prospects to get in touch (ex. “call now to speak to a security specialist”). The “CTA” should be prominently featured on every page. Also, make sure your website is designed to display properly on mobile devices, not just large desktop screens. 


Make Sure Your Business is “Findable” 

No matter what, your business needs to be found. Ultimately, the largest search engine (*cough* Google *cough*) is where your prospects are most likely going to turn to when researching for physical security services. That’s why you need to encourage search engines to index your site.  

The best place to start is to use Google’s ready-made business tools. Google offers a free business profile called Google Business. To get started, enter the business name, services your firm provides, your contact info, and a logo with some photos. This is a simple, cost-free way to drive prospects to your website. If you are more serious about growth and need to generate more qualified leads, then you should consider Google ads. 

Get Social with Your Prospects on Social Media 

Even if you think your prospects won’t necessarily use social media all of the time, it’s still important for your business to have an established profile. Now, you won’t have to get a profile from every single social media platform (you probably won’t be needing “TikTok” anytime soon), but as long as you use the main platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook), you can start building up your brand. 

Your brand will consist of how current and future customers experience your company. Part of building a great customer experience is using tools that are made just for personal interaction. Using social media is a great way to gain exposure and build credibility.  

Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the most popular platforms. Start by creating business pages on both platforms and add your business description, cover photo, logo, and contact info. The key to this is posting fresh content regularly so that your posts (and business name) appear on the top of prospects’ newsfeeds.  

Now comes the posting part. Some ideas for posts could be: Sharing industry trends, crime stats in your local market(s), new technologies, company news, or employee highlights. Also, social media pages are a great way to rank on customer feedback. Ask some of your best customers to place a Facebook review for your company. 

TC_MarketToWinBusiness_CTA1bBroadcast Your Company Logo 

Okay, this one is not online and it may not be entirely free to produce, but your logo is the representation of your brand and it’s important that it be displayed everywhere. 

One way to display your company’s logo is on all company-owned vehicles and equipment. This is a great way to show off your security services while your guards are on patrol. You can also make sure logo appears on surveillance trailers, guard uniforms, and other essential work equipment. Some businesses may allow you to place signage or stickers with your business name on the property, such as a “Protected by (Your Company Name)” 

Become an Active Member of Your Community 

Nothing beats face-to-face networking. Attending a local chamber of commerce meeting or joining a business networking/lead exchange group is always beneficial. Since there may be some networking groups that limit membership to one type of business per group, make sure you’re the main security guard firm representing the industry.  

Getting to know other local business owners to reciprocally refer leads and clients could be big for growing your business. Also, think about sponsoring events in your town, such as concerts, fairs, health walks/runs, or a youth sports team (and put your logo on signage and uniforms). 


Did You Find This Article Useful? Share on Social Media! (It’ll be Great Practice) 

Although we’re not an exclusive marketing company, we do know how to provide solutions for our industry regardless of the topic.  

Just so you know, Trackforce Valiant provides software solutions that help security guard companies take their operations to the next level. We offer this advice because we recognize the importance of creating a unique brand identity for small to mid-size security guard companies in their local markets. In combination with effective advertising, these marketing ideas can be effective tools to drive business growth. 

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