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Thinkcurity is an industry-leading resource for the physical security sector featuring helpful articles, resources, and live online events centered around helping security businesses provide better services to their clients and associates. Topics often include human resources and recruitment, technology, operational improvement opportunities, sales and marketing advice, and more. The Thinkcurity team is dedicated to adding value to every aspect of the physical security industry.


All physical security industry leaders are invited and encouraged to submit session proposals for the various programs Thinkcurity offers throughout the year. Please feel free to forward to industry experts who you feel would be good presenter options for Thinkcurity.

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Thinkcurity Articles
Thinkcurity Articles
Thinkcurity is revolutionizing education in the physical security industry through engaging content and thought leadership in every aspect of running a successful security operation.

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Though inflation has been a known problem for decades, it is only recently that we have seen it affect our daily lives with greater frequency. The cost of food, housing and even healthcare is on the rise – and so are costs at physical security companies. But how can you make sure your business does not get caught off-guard by these rising costs? The answer lies in preparation and negotiation skills.  

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It's that time of year again when businesses are preparing for the holiday season rush. And while this can be a stressful period for many organizations, it can also present an opportunity to grow your business through seasonal sales opportunities and new hires - particularly if you're looking to hire seasonal workers. When hiring security guards for the first time (or any time), it's important to consider the skills required for each position and whether those individuals will fit into your corporate culture. You'll find that some types of employees work better than others in this type of environment - so let's look at some tips for choosing wisely.

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Is your company feeling the pinch of a possible recession? Are you looking for ways to grow and increase profits during these challenging times? If so, you are not alone. Many physical security companies are finding ways to adapt and even thrive in today’s economy.