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19 Security Technology Resources That Will Help Keep You Informed

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19 Security Technology Resources That Will Help Keep You Informed

Security technology is about much more than expensive gadgets, elaborate camera systems, and the latest, greatest cybersecurity tools. All these things are fun to talk about, and important in their own right, but security technology includes any technology that helps you run your business better - from bookkeeping software to security patrol robots.

With all of this security technology out there, it can be hard to know what exactly you need for your business. This resource guide is designed to help you do that.

Keep reading to get a broad overview of what categories of technology are available to security companies and how they affect business. Then read about 19 different resources that will equip you to make informed decisions about integrating technology into your security company.

Use this table of contents to jump around to the most useful sections for you:

Back Office Security Technology Overview

To many people, these can seem like the most boring types of technology. The truth is, the systems you use to run your back-office operations are possibly the most critical to the success of your security business.

Back-office technology includes things like payroll software, time and labor management software, accounting software, online security guard training, HR, and recruiting tools. While these things won’t necessarily help you win more contracts (except maybe guard training), when implemented right, they can save you an incredible amount of time and money - setting your business up for success.

Don’t skimp when it comes to your back office technology. Although it may not seem like it, having efficient payroll, scheduling, and HR systems in place are usually more important than things like body cams and drones.

Operational Security Technology Overview

Operational security technology, put simply, is any technology that helps the operational side of your security business run better from an internal perspective. Think of any tools that equip your security guards in the field and help you offer the best security service to your customers.

This includes things like incident reporting software, workforce communication tools, hardware technology (phones, cameras, flashlights, etc.), and risk assessment/management software. For a modern-day security company, being up-to-date on these basic operational security technologies is essential to keep up with the competition.

Security Technology Services Overview

security-technology-servicesWhile operational technology is based primarily on your needs as a security business, security technology services - or “integrated technologies” - focus on the needs of your clients. These technologies include the fun and exciting stuff - video surveillance systems, facial recognition software, hi-tech access control, visitor management, and drones.

It’s fun to think about what kind of cool technology you can offer as part of your security services - and you should. But if none of your clients need that technology, you’re going to waste a lot of resources on something you can’t even sell.

When it comes time to seriously consider what new integrated security technology you want to bring into your company - rely heavily on listening to your clients.

Have regular conversations with clients about their security needs and how you can meet them better. Then, if you stay up to date with the latest technology, you can offer them solutions that will actually benefit them, which is ultimately what will drive your success.

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19 Security Technology Resources

Now that the broad areas of technology that a security business can utilize have been covered, this list of resources will help you stay on top of the latest news and trends in security technology so you can be well informed and make the best decisions for your company. These 21 resources are broken down into the following categories:

General Security Technology Resources

1. Thinkcurity

Thinkcurity provides information on a wide variety of topics relevant to the security industry - including technology. Monthly webinars bring in security industry thought leaders and have covered topics ranging from risk assessment to artificial intelligence in physical security. Here are a few great webinars to get you started:

2. Security Magazine

Security Magazine is one of the most well-known resources for the latest trends and news in the security industry. Although it doesn’t focus exclusively on the manned guarding industry, it is a great place to stay up-to-date on everything security-related. Here are a few specific areas of the website dedicated to security technology:

3. Security Today

Security Today, like Security Magazine, is another great place to go for a wide range of news and updates on the security industry as a whole.

4. Genetec

Genetec develops physical security technology solutions - including access control and video management technology. The Genetec resource center offers blogs, white papers, and podcasts exploring how to best integrate technology into security companies. Here are a few resources to get you started:


SANS is one of the world leaders in cybersecurity training and education. They offer a wide variety of cybersecurity courses for security companies looking to improve their cyber response and also have an expansive free cybersecurity resource library.

6. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way for professionals in any industry to stay connected with trends and share knowledge with each other. Here are just a few fantastic LinkedIn groups for security technology:

7. Security Associations

Security associations have historically been a great place to get the latest and greatest information on the security industry. Although most require some type of paid membership for certain benefits, here are a couple of well-known associations that also have great free resources:

Back Office Technology Resources

8. Jobvite

Jobvite is a leading talent acquisition software. Outside of its product offerings, Jobvite is one of the premier thought leaders on utilizing technology in the entire recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process for multiple industries, and that expertise can easily be applied to the security industry specifically. Here are just a few great resources: 

9. Defencify

Defencify is working hard to make online security guard training accessible and practical. In addition to their guard training courses, Defencify is providing the security industry with great information on the future of using technology in guard training.

Operational Technology Resources

10. Capterra

Capterra is a website that helps businesses compare software to get the best solution for their organization. Check out Capterra’s physical security software page to see compare features, pricing, and more of the most prevalent physical security software available today.

11. The Silvertrac Extra

Silvertrac Software is an easy-to-use guard management software aimed at simplifying security operations through better reporting, data, and communication. The Silvertrac Extra is Silvertrac’s blog and resource center that provides security companies with great information on how to best utilize security software. Here are a few great resources on guard management software:

12. Trackforce Valiant

Trackforce Valiant is an all-in-one, configurable security workforce management software for both contract and in-house, enterprise security teams. The Trackforce Valiant resource library has great ebooks and blogs on best practices for running large-scale operations using security software:

13. theEMPLOYEEapp

theEMPLOYEEapp is a communication technology that allows deskless industries like private security to establish a strong communication channel between teams. Check out these resources from theEMPLOYEEapp that show why technology is vital to improving internal communications in your business:

14. EasySet

EasySet is a security risk assessment platform that also provides security companies with great information on technology’s role in conducting better risk assessments. 

15. CAP Index

CAP Index provides objective, accurate, and consistent data to help organizations measure, compare, and mitigate risk. Here you can get helpful information on crime forecasting and risk management best practices using CAP Index’s CRIMECAST data and reports. CAP Index has free sample reports and industry benchmark analyses you can check out to get started.

16. Galls

Galls is one of the leading providers of security-related equipment and uniforms. Although they do not have any kind of resource library about the latest in security equipment technology, they do carry the top brands and products for all types of physical security technology - things like vehicle equipment, cameras, and protective gear. And they have very helpful resources in the form of sizing guides and user reviews.

Security Technology Services Resources

17. Calipsa

Calipsa is a software system that is designed to decrease false alarms in security video monitoring. The Calipsa blog has tons of great information related to video monitoring, machine learning, and crime prevention.

18. Security Sales & Integration

Security Sales & Integration is a security publication focused on topics for things related to security technology services like video surveillance, access control, IT networking, and fire alarms. This emerging technology section of the website is a great place to go for new information on new technologies like drones, facial recognition, and more.

19. Security 101

Security101 is a start to finish electronic security systems integrator. The Security101 blog has great information centered around security cameras - including information on thermal imaging, facial recognition, and general compliance.

Rob Kirk
Rob Kirk
Rob Kirk is the host of the Thinkcurity webinar series and a content marketing specialist at Silvertrac Software. He has a passion to bring high-quality information on a variety of topics to the security industry that will help security companies of all sizes go to the next level.

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