How good is your security company’s reputation?

Chances are, if your reputation management isn't as strong as it could be, you risk maintaining visibility and a level playing field when it comes to selling your company's expertise.  

Having a solid reputation management program means much more than just having a website or social media profile. A reputation management program will not only help maintain your company's visibility in the security space, it will help you with pre-sales, educate your prospective clients about your capabilities, and position your company as experts in its field. In this webinar, we'll show you that building and maintaining a solid reputation management program isn't as difficult as it seems.  

Evan Bloom, CEO of Fortress Strategic Communications, joins the Thinkcurity team to share insights on key tools and strategies you can implement to ensure your business reputation grows. You'll learn about the basic components of a public relations plan, the components of a crisis communications plan, how to minimize the chance of a negative review from a disgruntled client, and the reason why a disorganized social media and blogging strategy is more hurtful than helpful.  


The 10 Strategies Discussed in This Webinar  

1. Perception management  

2. Quality of service as a ‘manager of perception’ 

3. Using Appropriate Messaging  

4. Partnering with Public Relations to Improve Business Objectives  

5. Using Intellectual Capital 

6. Managing Your Company's Profile   

7. Maintaining a Sellable Social Media Perception 

8. Protecting Your Company's Reputation  

9. Overcoming Customer Complaints and Negative Perceptions 

10. Using Media Power to Drive Sales 

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

Evan Bloom

CEO, Fortress Strategic Communications

  • Evan Bloom is the CEO of Fortress Strategic Communications. He has over 25 years of international public relations experience providing reputation management counseling to companies of all sizes active in the physical security, public safety and law enforcement, homeland security, smart city, and business resilience domains. 

    One of the biggest challenges that these types of companies face is that they cannot mention the names of their clients in the media or for marketing purposes. Evan specializes in counseling companies that face these challenges and has kept many of them in the media for an extended period of time by devising issues-based public relations strategies and campaigns that deliver results.  

    He is adept at helping all companies build a newsworthy media narrative, building the profile of senior executives and spokespeople, helping them identify and own market issues, building relationships with the media and increasing client’s footprints in the business and vertical trade publications.  

    Evan graduated cum-laude with a Master of Science degree in Business Continuity from Norwich University, a military university, in Vermont, USA.  

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